this is the sequel to frankenweenie. It is the prequel to Turtlezilla.


Mr whiskers comes back from the dead yet again, and haunts weird girl. When weird girl tries to bring him back to good, he bites her, and she turns into a vampire. She bites Edgar. Nobody notices the difference, until Edgar bites Persephone, who bites sparky. Soon the whole town are vampires, except for victor. Victor is surrounded by vampires, but then sparky the vampire comes and barks at the other vampires, telling them to go back. They start to go, but Mr whiskers meows and they come forward. Then the vampires see the sun coming, and fly to Transylvania. victors ex science teacher Mr ryscv, appears, and they fly to Transylvania. Victor sees Mr whiskers in a coffin, and stabs a stake through him. He turns back into a live persIan cat, and the other vampires are cured too.

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