Mr. Whiskers-

Mr. Whiskers aka The Vampire Cat is the primary antagonist of the movie and Weird Girl's psychotic albino Persian cat though he appears to be mindless. After a fluke during Weird Girl's attempt to recreate Victor's reanimation experiment, Mr. Whiskers becomes Vampire Cat where the bat half takes total control over him.

He dreams in premonitions leaving clues in the form of feces baring the first inital of one of Weird Girl's classmates from New Holland Elementary School . Mr. Whiskers can predict when bad things are going to happen; he dreams about Nassor getting into a baseball accident -- he leaves a clue in his litter box in the form of an "N."

Mr. Whiskers dreams about Victor and leaves a "V" in his cat box. He has a second premonition involving Victor and leaves a skull and cross bones; Mr. Whiskers single-handedly predicts Sparky's demise as Victor hit a home run which Sparky goes to fetch only to get run over on the way back.

Mr Whiskers is also really creepy!


Mr. Whiskers was never evil. It was only after he mutated with the dead bat that made the Vampire Cat evil as Vampire bats are evil.

Mr Whiskers is also known as Catula. In Frankenweenie Two, he turns back into a Persian Cat.


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