"Its the wind mill that does it. Turning, turning the air until the sky itself rages against the night!"

Nassor is the secondary antagonist of Frankenweenie.


Nassor is tall and slender. He has black hair that looks like Frankenstein's monsters hair. He wears a white/grey shirt and has long black pants on. He is very pale and his fingers are also very long and sharp


Nassor is highly intelligent, serious and intense. He takes a darker, more doomsday view on life than the other kids in New Holland. Nassor is instantly skeptical of the rumours surrounding Victor’s experiments with electricity, but once convinced, is jealous in his attempts to obtain Victor’s secrets. Nassor is a student in Victor's class. His role in the movie is the antagonist. In the movie it looks like that Nassor is a bully or very violent.


  • Nassor's voice and appearance are heavily modeled after acclaimed horror icon Boris Karloff, best known for his portrayal of the famous Frankenstein's Monster . His peculiar flat hairstyle a key indication.
  • "Nassor" is the direct Egyptian translation of English name "Victor." Technically sharing the same name as classmate, and film lead Victor Frankenstein.
  • In the film, Nassor ressurects his deceased pet hamster, Colossus, as the Mummy Hamster . This, and Nassor's Egyptian name, are likely a reference to the 1932 film The Mummy , which featured Boris Karloff as the titular character. Plus he gets wrapped up like a mummy and gets stuck in a coffin.
  • Nassor is the New Holland baseball team's catcher.
  • Nassor never seems to smile.
  • About his age. Nassor is just tall, and that so he is expected to be 14 years old.
  • Nassor is Dubbed by Martin Short that is also Dubbed Mr. Frankenstein and Mr. Burgemeister.
  • In the movie, Nassor got knocked out by a baseball. 
  • His favorite colors are black & gray.