New Holland-Frakenweenie

New Holland is the town in which Frankenweenie takes place.

Cookie cutter kitsch-style houses sit amongst carefully crafted blocks and streets. The town suffers from a chronic case of thunder and lightening storms.

In true Tim Burton fashion, the town doesn't find itself in any set time period and remains steadily ambiguos. Certain aesthetic places itself in the heart of the mid-late 1950s, while cultural and scripted references play out a time set more in the modern age. In the scene where the mayor, Mr. Burgemeister, starts leading a mob to chase Franken-Sparky, they're standing in front of a theater that displays "BAMBI." Bambi was re-released several times, including 1957 according to Bambi's Wikipedia page. So, it's probably safe to say it takes place in '57.

New Holland holds strong to its Dutch roots. There are five "New Hollands" listed in the United States of America in; Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota.



  • Victor's street resembles the same neighbourhood from Edward Scissorhands.
  • The New Holland sign is the same kind of sign that's in Hollywood.