Persephone is a character in Frankenweenie. She is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Appearance Edit

Persephone is a black poodle with an enormously large poof of fur on her head. She is curious and flirtatious with Sparky and fiercely loyal to Elsa, her owner. When Persephone and Sparky first meet in the backyard, the attraction is instantaneous and electrifying. When she got electified by Sparky her fur had a white stripe.


  • Pesephone kissing Sparky
  • In the end
  • Sparky and Persephone's first date (Lady and the Tramp style)
  • Second incounter
  • Sparky and Persephone in the 1984 short

Role in the MovieEdit

Persephone and Sparky first met when his ball rolled in

to her backyard. As he tried to get it out, he noticed Persephone trotting around inside the backyard. As Sparky sat down in his backyard, sad that he lost the ball, Persephone rolls the ball back into his yard.


  • Persephone's hairdo is an obvious reference to Universal's Bride of Frankenstein.
  • Unlike the other animals, Persephone does not classify as a monster. She is the only animal character to remain alive throughout the entire length of the film.
  • In this movie, she's voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Persephone is named after the Greek goddess that was forced to marry Hades.

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