Victor Frankenstein is the main character in Frankenweenie, he is an 11-year old student who uses science to bring his dog, Sparky, back from the dead. Victor is the son of Ben and Susan Frankenstein. Victor loves to explore the world around him through science and experimentation, as well as film, cine-macabre, and artistic creativity.

Some things about Victor Edit

  • His favorite sport is baseball
  • He is best friends with his dog
  • He loves inventing new things
  • He loves science and Mr Rzykruski
  • He is older than Elsa van Helsing


  • Victor's relationship with Mr. Rzykruski may parallel that of the relationship between Tim Burton and horror icon and personal hero, Vincent Price .
  • Much like Victor's passion for creating films inspired by monster mania and the world around him; Tim Burton drew inspiration himself from Vincent Price's films and life accomplishments as a child. Perhaps a projection of himself onto the aforementioned Victor-Mr. Rzykruski mentor-ship/idolization, and their characterization.
  • Victor was played by Barret Oliver in the short film. And voiced by Charlie Tahan in the animated feature length.
  • Dr. Victor Frankenstein is also the name of the scientist who created Frankenstein's Monster in the novel by Mary Shelley Frankenstein.
  • He appears to be a younger version of the original Dr. Frankenstein.
  • Victor looks like the child version of Victor Van Dort from Tim Burton's 2005 film The Corpse Bride.
  • Victor along with Jack Skellington and Victor Van Dort all have a dead dog.
  • The neighborhood that Victor lives is very similar; to the neighborhood from Edward Scissor-hands film.
  • Victor's Dog is Sparky , Jack Skellington's Dog is Zero, and Victor Van Dort's Dog is Scraps.
  • The Frankenweenie Movie is Mostly like the same as the Film Frankenweenie 1984 Movie


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