Weird Girl is a self-proclaimed psychic often seen with her pet cat Mr. Whiskers and one of Victor's classmates who attempts to reanimate dead animals in Frankenweenie.

Appearance Edit

Weird Girl has long blonde hair, wearing a blue dress with pink flowers. She has humongous eyes and very tiny lips. She has no eyebrows.


Weird Girl doesn’t fit in well with the other kids. She delivers ominous pronouncements in a monotone voice with an unnerving stare. Her constant companion is her fluffy white cat Mr. Whiskers, whose unblinking gaze matches her own. The other kids give them a wide berth—especially when Weird Girl rambles about Mr. Whiskers’ dreams, and she attempts to pass off his "premonitions" to their own hands. She may very well be psychic -- or just psycho. During the attempts to recreate Victor 's ressurection experiment, Mr. Whiskers accidentally tampers with the dead vampire bat. Once it got brought back to life, Weird Girl watches as the bat take control of her cat morphing him into a Vampire Cat.



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  • Weird Girl's design and appearance bears an almost exact similarity to The Girl Who Just Stares from Tim Burton's short story collection, "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy " (read here) and the Stain Boy (watch here) internet shorts.
  • In the movie, she's voiced by Catherine O'Hara or Elle Fanning
  • Weird Girl resembles the child version of Kim Boggs from Edward Scissorhands.
  • Weird Girl's Real name is Anne Chambers because in the movie frankenweenie 1984 film Anne Chambers Dad Mr.Chambers Threw a White Cat Outside that looks like the one in the 2012 Frankenweenie Film.